Press Releases
17 May 2016
Scale-up Institute and Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses launch Business Growth Initiative (PDF)

16 June 2015
Scale-up Institute launch Press Release (PDF)

17 November 2014
Scale-up Report Press Release (PDF)

Broadcast Coverage
Bloomberg: 'Scale-Up-Britain' Measuring the Growth of U.K. Tech
BBC Radio 4: The Today programme
BBC Radio 5Live: Wake Up To Money

Press Coverage
22 June 2015
ISSUU: ISSUU - BGF Review 2015 by BGF (Business Growth Fund)

11 Feb 2015
Courier: Starting up is easy; scaling is the hard bit

10 Feb 2015
London School of Economics: The Impact of Scale-ups on the Graduate Job Market

04 Feb 2015
Growth Business: Why doesn't the UK tech industry have more global champions?

11 Jan 2015
The Sunday Times: Find us the talent and we'll conquer the world

04 Dec 2014
Biz Times: Let's Scale Up Milwaukee

24 Nov 2014
Real Business: Silicon Valley comes to the UK: The difference between British and American entrepreneurs

17 Nov 2014
Financial Times: UK urged to back business ‘scale-ups’ rather than start-ups

17 Nov 2014
TechCityinsider: Talent top issue for UK scale-up firms

17 Nov 2014
The Guardian: Call to help more firms grow to global size

17 Nov 2014
City AM: Britain must do more to scale up tech firms

17 Nov 2014
City AM (Letters): How we can turn London's thriving tech startups into billion dollar digital giants

17 Nov 2014
Tech City News: Solving ‘scale-up’ gap could create £225bn

17 Nov 2014
Wired: UK needs 'scale-ups', not just startups

17 Nov 2014
Techworld: Government urged to support tech "scale-ups" and not just startups

17 Dec 2014
BIP Online: 95% of New Businesses Fail in First Five Years – Scale Up Britain Finds Out Why?...