Case Study: London Stock Exchange’s ELITE Programme (Italy and the UK)

1) Description of initiative(s)
  • Elite is a unique platform to facilitate long-term structured engagement between private high growth businesses, industry experts and the corporate advisory and investor communities, helping these businesses prepare and structure for further growth and for external investment
  • Delivered through a three-phase package to stimulate organisational review and change; plan for change with the support of advisory network; and capitalise on the benefits of such change to access new business opportunities and in particular funding options.
2) What need does this solve for scale-ups?
(1) Coordination, connectivity and promotion
The ELITE website guarantees maximum visibility with each company’s most strategic targets. ELITE companies have further visibility in the national and local press.
(2) Access to Skills
Programme designed to enhance entrepreneurial management teams’ knowledge and insight to help them drive business growth for the longer term. Talent management and retention is a key topic discussed and addressed throughout the programme.
(3) Leadership Capacity Building
‘Get Fit phase’ of ELITE puts learnings into practise with help of corporate advisors to support and help on company specific matters
(4) Customers (Domestic & Export)
A unique platform for revenue generating, fast growing businesses that helps create aspiration for further growth (through innovation and internationalisation).
Long term structured engagement to stimulate organisational review, change and access to funding options
(5) Financing
‘Get Value phase’ – access to venture, private equity and institutional investors, banks, entrepreneurs and managers of listed companies.
(6) Infrustructure
The ELITE community of advisors, investors and other companies provides a network to access and learn from throughout a company’s time on the programme and thereafter.
3) Which stakeholders in the ecosystem are involved with running this?
Over 200 entrepreneurial companies on the Italian and UK programmes, represented by their CEO/CFO
Ecosystem umbrella organisations
Italy: Confindustria, ABI
Government (national/ local)
Italy: Ministry of Finance, SIMEST, SACE, Fondo Italiano d’investimento, Fondo strategico, UKTI
UK: Government, Treasury, BIS
Private sector
Over 120 advisors (banks, brokers, lawyers, accountants, PR firms, rating agencies) supporting and contributing to the programme
Strong support from debt and equity providers across the financing chain – venture capital, private equity, debt investors and institutional investors
Education providers
Bocconi University, Milan Imperial College Business School; Academy, London Stock Exchange Group
4) What does success look like? What impact/outcomes are expected?
Success and impact are measured by the:
  • The quality and ambition of the businesses that join the programme
  • The quality and size of the advisory and investor community and the level of support they provide to companies on the programme
  • The ease of recruiting future cohorts into the programme – as a consequence of successful delivery to earlier cohorts
  • Companies’ ability to access further financing over the medium to longer term
  • Commercial opportunities for the companies as a result of increrased profile and interaction with the ELITE community.