Case Study: Entrepreneurial Spark powered by NatWest – UK

1) Description of initiative(s)
National roll-out of free business acceleration programme in partnership with Entrepreneurial Spark
Builds on success of programme in Scotland (Glasgow, Edinburgh, Ayrshire)
Thousands of entrepreneurs and high growth businesses will benefit from eight new business accelerator hubs in Birmingham, Manchester, Cardiff, Bristol, Belfast, Leeds that will offer free workplace, hands on mentoring, a start-up ‘bootcamp’ and a free programme of up to 18 months of advice, support and funding clinics
2) What need does this solve for scale-ups?
(1) Coordination, connectivity and promotion
Builds a unique national community of entrepreneurs
(2) Access to Skills
Entrepreneurs will follow an 18 month programme getting business advice and support, networking opportunites and pitch practice
(3) Leadership Capacity Building
Entrepreneurs have access to a pool of up to 50 specialised mentors
(4) Customers (Domestic & Export)
Up to 80 entrepreneurs will ‘graduate’ from the programme from each hub year with a viable, business
(5) Financing
All participating businesses eligible for ‘growth awards’ of up to £50K.
(6) Infrustructure
Physical office spaces will be provided for up to 80 start-up businesses per hub at any one time
3) Which stakeholders in the ecosystem are involved with running this?
Individual business owners
Ecosystem umbrella organisations
Government (national/ local)
Private sector
Entrepreneurial Spark
Ulster bank
Education providers
4) What does success look like? What impact/outcomes are expected?
100% take up of Entrepreneurial Spark powered by NatWest
We would like all available places at each of the business accelerator hubs to be filled with competition for places leading to great businesses being supported to grow, create jobs and feed revenue into the economy

Corporate reputation
The more support we can give entrepreneurs starting their business, the better our corporate reputation and the great possibility of attracting these entrepreneurs as future customers

Create an entrepreneurial revival across the UK
This is a step-change in how NatWest supports entrepreneurial talent in the UK. By opening up our premises and providing them with support and a far reaching network of contacts, we are backing the busineses of tomorrow and helping ambitious entrepreneurs take their businesses to the next level.
Upsurge in new business incorporations and reduced business failure rates