Case Study: The Cambridge 50

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87% of scale-ups said that they would be able to grow their company faster if they could be identified as a scale-up.[2]

83% of scale-ups were in favour of the government sharing information on their company growth with other government departments or agencies, and 72% were in favour of government sharing this externally.[2]

The Cambridge 'Cluster Map' is a free online service that draws upon a large number of data sources to showcase the scale-ups around Cambridge, which together contribute £13 billion to the UK economy each year and employ 57,600 people. It publishes detailed revenue and employment data for each company.

Megan Smith, the Chief Technology Officer for the US government and former Vice President of Google's Research Lab, said:
I think Cambridge Cluster Map is incredibly useful for people who don't live in the area as well as people who do live in the area. For those of us who are not from Cambridge, we love Cambridge and we want to know more about it. This is a way to quickly surf and see the different companies that are here.[1]

The map was developed philanthropically by leaders from the cluster’s ecosystem to support the fastest growing companies so it was easier for them to attract talent, customers and investors. This initiative was supported financially by the University of Cambridge, scale-up businesses, large corporates and UKTI.[2]

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