Scale-up Case Studies

The following ecosystems and initiatives were analysed as part of this review to consider their impact on scale-up companies.

Recommendation 1 (detecting scale-ups)

Recommendation 2 (business support should be collaborative and targeted on scale-ups)

Recommendation 3 (collaborative initiatives that demonstrate impact nation-wide)

Recommendation 4 (ecosystem approach guided by task-force)

Recommendation 5 (closing skills-gap by focusing on schools, colleges and universities)

Recommendation 6 (career opportunities at scale-up companies for adults)

Recommendation 8 (leadership capacity development for scale-ups)

Recommendation 9 (increasing domestic and export sales of scale-ups)

Recommendation 10 (removal of regulatory barriers faced by scale-ups)

  • 2014 Regulatory Climate Index

Recommendation 11 (finance focused on scale-ups)

Recommendation 12 (infrastructure focused on scale-ups)